Bar Passer Academy Disclaimer

Hypnosis, Coaching, and Training Disclaimer

This Disclaimer applies to all content delivered in person, via teleconference or video conference, online videos, live broadcasts, interviews, summits, either live or recorded, in any format, whether found on this website, our newsletter, marketing materials, advertisements, blog posts, and/or comments, including any posts on social media created by, approved by, liked, owned by, related to, linked to or associated with Jonathan Wood Logan, Bar Passer Academy, Test Passer Academy, Logan Hypnosis, Jonathan Logan Coaching, Total Sucess Technologies, and/or Promethean Strategies LLC [hereinafter, “the Business”]

Jonathan Wood Logan and/or the Business are not licensed medical professionals and do not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any kind or manner of disease, medical condition or mental health condition. Our Coaching, Training and/or Hypnosis tools, processes, procedures and materials are proven to have substantial, significant, and often life-changing benefits for clients. However, despite these benefits and any other benefits from hypnosis and/or any related coaching and training, nothing offered or delivered by Jonathan Wood Logan and/or the Business area substitute or replacement for any kind of medical or mental health treatment, diagnosis, cure, or preventive advice, help, and/or services. Our Coaching, Training and/or Hypnosis tools, processes, procedures and materials should never to be used as a substitute for or in contradiction to any medical or mental health professional services, advice, help, directives, or recommendations. If you have been diagnosed with a physical or mental illness or condition, seek the direct advice and consent of your licensed medical professional before proceeding with any of our our Coaching, Training and/or Hypnosis tools, processes, procedures and materials.

Jonathan Wood Logan and the Business make no expressed or implied guarantees of results, outcomes or changes as a result of working with us, our materials, services, tools, practices, procedures, courses, classes, books, videos, audios, etc. All outcomes and changes in behavior are unique to each individual and cannot be predicted or guaranteed. The results of hypnosis, training  and/or coaching may vary depending on individual behavior, beliefs, mindset, willingness to change, motivation, and responsiveness.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and all learning and changes in behavior happen because the individual decides and agrees to learn and change. All positive outcomes and changes are ultimately the duty, responsibility, and choice of the individual client.

Working with, engaging the services of, and/or attending or using any of the tools, systems, processes, materials, courses, classes, videos, audios, or any content of any kind in any format or deliverable from, by or associated with Jonathan Wood Logan and the Business constitutes agreement to these and any other terms and conditions listed on our websites, materials, waivers, and agreements.

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